Sunday, May 24, 2009

Jordan's wedding...

Ahh.. yesterday was such a special day.. and a busy one. We all went up to Omaha to a friends Memorial Day party at the lake and then rushed back from that, threw some dress clothes on and went to our friend Jordan's wedding.
You have probably seen my other posts where I have referenced our "special friend" from the Nebraska Volleyball team. #10 Jordan Larson. She graduated in December from NU and then left in January to play in Puerto Rico - she got back about 3 weeks ago from there and planned a wedding in about 5 months. Crazy girl! We were so fortunate to be included in on her and Luke's special day. I have always said that "what you see is what you get" with Jordan - she is such a humble down home girl that DOES not have any sort of ego with all of the volleyball stardom she has. This is what we love about her. She is completely genuine and real, not what you see some athletes being. So the fact that we got to go to her wedding was a pretty big deal to the girls. I however, had to preface the trip to remind them that we would be seeing Jordan in a DRESS, with makeup on and her hair all done up... not like we are used to seeing her. When she would come to our home to hang out, it was just regular clothes, or on the volleyball court of course we saw her in the #10 jersey. So seeing her all gussied up was a little different for the girls. She was BEAUTIFUL though as you can see from the photos.. as always. She just had this glow about her yesterday so I was thrilled for her. Luke her husband is such a super cool guy and so incredibly good for Jordan.. (I am sure she would tell you that). It amazes me to watch the two of them together.. We just recently talked in the parenting class Kyle and I are taking about the relationship in a marriage. How the husband should be a sacrificial lover and the wife submit to their husband. I see this so much in Jordan and Luke's relationship, which I haven't been around them as much as some. But it impresses me that Luke is letting Jordan chase her dreams with volleyball. He knows how much she loves the game and is letting her go for it and following along for the ride. She told us last night that she leaves for Anaheim, CA Thursday and will train with the Olympic team this summer to get a run for being part of the 2012 USA Olympic team playing in London, England... pretty incredible. Luke is letting her go out there for the summer and hoping that she will be picked up by a pro team overseas at the end of the summer and then they will go together wherever she will be headed.. what a story!!
Anyway, it was a beautiful wedding and reception that we got to be part of.. I must say it was even pretty cool to do the electric slide with pretty much the entire Husker Volleyball team old and new... Stalls, Maggie Griffin, Kayla Banwarth, Amanda Gates, Rachel Schwartz, Nancy Metcalf, you name them.. they were pretty much there.. pretty incredible. It was also really cool to see the owner of the Puetro Rico Volleyball team she played on and one of her teammates come to the wedding and speak at the reception.. (I will say they can dance!!) .. All in all, we had a great night and Kayleigh and I had a blast dancing with everyone at her dance.. doing a little shaking our groove thing! HA!
At the end of the night we went up to say goodbye and thank Jordan and Luke and of course.. even in a wedding dress Madelyn can't say anything to her "hero".. she did give her a hug and Kayleigh went over and threw her arms around Jordan.. pretty cute! They just think the world of her and I know they want to be #10 when they grow up. :)

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